Monitor Your Property with CCTV Systems in Edmonton

One of the main concerns of business owners, property managers and groundskeepers is protecting their area from possible criminal activity. Low traffic areas of a property are often a prime target for potential thieves or vandals. In order to keep a watchful eye over these areas, many business owners use CCTV systems in Edmonton (closed-circuit television). This is a TV system where signals are not publicly distributed like broadcast television, but are instead monitored, mainly for surveillance and security purposes. The experienced team at Sentech Controls can install CCTV systems in Edmonton to protect your business.

How CCTV Systems in Edmonton Are Used

CCTV Systems in Edmonton use strategically placed cameras to capture live footage of an area, which is then transmitted to a monitor at a separate location. The monitor is usually located in a private room of the business where the footage can be observed to look for suspicious activity. Since the cameras communicate with the monitors across a private coaxial cable or through a wireless connection, this type of system earns the term “closed-circuit” because their access is limited by design so that only certain individuals can see it.

CCTV can be used for numerous purposes, including:

  • Maintaining perimeter security

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Building and grounds security

  • Law enforcement purposes

  • Observing areas that would be hazardous to humans, such has areas that are radioactive or toxic

  • Keeping a visual record of areas or situations where high security measures are necessary, such as in banks, casinos or airports

Capabilities of CCTV Systems

Older CCTV systems featured small monitors that were very low resolution and black and white. These systems did not have any interactive capabilities. As technology has progressed, CCTV systems in Edmonton have become more advanced to allow for more thorough monitoring. Modern CCTV systems can include color, high resolution displays with the ability to zoom in on an image and the ability to follow an object or person. There is even an option for talk CCTV, which allows an overseer or monitor of the system to speak to people over a system of speakers, provided that the person is within hearing range.

Edmonton CCTV systems can be used to keep a watchful eye on your property or business in order to catch criminals in the act. This can lead to quick apprehension of the suspect and may deter other criminals from attempting similar crimes. Simply posting signs that there is a surveillance system in use is a great deterrent. CCTV systems are also becoming increasingly used for law enforcement purposes. Police have begun using these types of system for traffic observation and automated ticketing as well as to observe high-crime areas and neighborhoods. CCTV has multiple purposes and can lead to better protection and safety of employees, guests and the general public.

If you are interested in installing a CCTV system in Edmonton at your business or property, be sure to get in contact with Sentech Controls. We can help you plan and design the layout of these systems to ensure optimal function, as well as install the system and provide troubleshooting if you encounter issues. Contact our team to learn more.

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