Improve Security with Intercom Systems in Edmonton

As a business owner, you want to keep your employees and office safe from potential harm. Intercom systems in Edmonton provide an effective way to monitor who is entering your building in order to prevent unwanted or dangerous individuals from getting inside. Whether your business gets frequent visitors or is a closed site, intercoms allow a way for guests to identify themselves through a speaker or video system. This ensures your office gets no unexpected guests and increases the security of your building, office equipment and employees. At Sentech Controls, we can provide layout and design of these systems as well as install them at your commercial or industrial property.

Advantages of Intercom Systems in Edmonton

Many businesses operate an open door policy where it is possible for anyone to enter the building, even if they are not wanted. This type of system can allow for an unknown number of people to be in your building at any given time. This can hardly be considered a secure environment.

To prevent a flow of unauthorized guests into their business, many owners choose to add intercom systems in Edmonton. This allows for you to keep track of who has entered the building without having someone seated right at the door at all times for monitoring purposes. Guests simply use the intercom to identify themselves and can then be buzzed in following this process. Intercoms can be a great addition to your office for all of the following reasons:

Reception Security

Whether you are a small branch office or a large corporate environment, security is important. Edmonton Intercom systems allow you to constantly monitor who enters your business. This is especially important if there is no formal reception area at your office. Unauthorized people cannot only cause potential harm to your employees, but also gain access to valuable office equipment which they can then steal.

Increased Value

Buildings that have added security measures are an attractive proposition to potential owners. This gives potential buyers the option to move staff into the building without having to worry about the safety of their employees. Having proper security systems in place can increase the value of the building and make it more appealing.

Inter-floor Security

Intercom systems in Edmonton are not always best implemented at the main entrance of the building. They can be used as inter-floor devices to control entry within your business. If the majority of your business is located on the second or third floors of a building, intercoms can be installed at these entrances. These intercoms deter would-be thieves since they only have access to the ground floor.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Often insurance companies offer lower premiums to companies with added security measures as the risk of theft and robbery is lessened by such measures. This can save your company valuable money that can instead be used elsewhere.

If you are looking for a way to provide additional security to your office and your employees, installing an intercom system in Edmonton is a great place to start. Sentech Controls offers intercom systems that use audio or a combination of both audio and video that allows guests to identify themselves before entering. Contact us to learn more about the intercom systems we can install.

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